There is something so magical about a piece of jewellery that has been individually created with just you in mind. To receive or give such a gift is truly special. 

The commission process is a highly enjoyable and fun experience where the imagination can have free reign.It is an experience that I believe can be tailored to all budgets be they modest or extravagant.

Upon receiving a request for a commission I will initially discuss ideas,budgets and expectations with the customer and maybe rough out some basic sketches with them . After this consultation I will then spend some time on refining design ideas.

Once a design is finalised and costed by myself and approved by the customer I will then ask for a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total payment.This is to confirm complete commitment from both parties towards the commission process.It is also necessary as once a design is approved and the manufacturing of it has begun it is now uniquely bespoke to the customers specific requirements and therefore not easily resalable.

The finished piece will then be presented in beautiful packaging and delivered to the customer upon which the final payment will be required.